Structural prefabricated construction, composite columns, series products

Prefabricated parts made of reinforced concrete offer a multitude of advantages over purely local concrete designs. Above all, this is a weather-independent production, high quality and control standards as well as a fast construction time and an undisturbed, easily plannable construction process on site.

The manufacture of elements for structural precast construction and series products is an important part of our production range.

These include:

  • Sandwich elements with visually high-quality designs of the facing (use of textured formliners, exposed aggregate concrete structures, acidified or colored surfaces) and integrated thermal insulation as well as solid concrete walls and ceiling elements that are produced in our pallet circulation system.
  • Columns with and without molded foundations, beams and transoms
  • Special elements for which we develop innovative solutions together with our technical office and our precast plant.

The above-mentioned advantages of prefabricated parts made of reinforced concrete can be transferred in the same way to the construction of the steel-concrete composite structure.

As part of a project in Herzogenaurach, we carried out the concreting of load-bearing tubular steel composite columns in our precast plant for a well-known company. A total of 67 reinforced tubular steel columns with a length of around 14 m, a diameter of around 0.80 m and a weight of up to 28 t each (after filling) were filled with a high-strength C70 / 85 concrete. A self-compacting concrete (SCC) and a sophisticated method of concreting were used, which guaranteed a gap-free and inclusion-free filling. The precast concrete solution for reinforced concrete composite construction components enables the use of high-strength to ultra-high-strength concretes and thus a particularly economical use of the component cross-sections and steel components.